Our Country's Good
by Trinity University

Nov. 14 - Nov. 22, 2014

Based on a true story, Our Country's Good follows the First Fleet's military officers and convicts as the first Western settlers in Australia. As part of the Governor's plan for prisoner rehabilitation, the keen young Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark sets himself the challenge of directing the convicts in a play. From the start, the desperate-to-impress Lieutenant finds the production marred by obstacles: a quarreling cast, illiterate actors, disease, starvation, brutal senior officers-even the gallows. Day after day, the questions mount: Will Australia's first settlement collapse into chaos? Do hardened criminals ever reform? Can art offer hope in a hopeless world?

Our Country's Good is for mature audiences; it contains strong language and adult situations.

Costume Design by Stieren Guest Artist Virgil C. Johnson, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University.


  • Governor Arthur Phillip....Davis Stubblefield
  • John Wisehammer....Ryan Diller
  • Mr. Robbie Ross....Ben Klinkenberg
  • Judge David Collins....Chase Lee
  • Robert Sideway....Matthew Reynolds
  • Cpt. Watkin Tench....Alejandro Cardona
  • Cpt. Jemmy Campbell....Daniel Rothschild
  • Midshipman Harry Brewer....Benjamin Beyt
  • Mary Brenham....Jasmin Weber
  • Duckling Smith....Kat Rodriguez
  • Rev. Johnson....Tito Sandigo
  • Lt. George Johnson....Youssef Lemmon
  • Lt. Will Dawes....Malcolm Conner
  • 2nd Lt. William Faddy....Jacob Pursell
  • Ketch Freeman....Brady Iba
  • Liz Morden....Kate Cuellar
  • 2nd Lt. Ralph Clark...Kyle Barbre
  • Dabby Bryant....Rebekah Williams

Our Country's Good
by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Trinity University

November 14 - November 22, 2014
Stieren Theater at Trinity University
Stieren Theater
San Antonio, TX, 78212

November 14 and 15: 8 pm; November 16: 2:30 pm; November 19 and 20: 7 pm; November 21 and 22: 8 pm

Reservations: Box Office - 210-999-8515