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Review: The Threepenny Opera by Trinity University

Review: The Threepenny Opera by Trinity University

by Michael Meigs
Published on November 19, 2015

Amy Rossini as the squalling, swiling, worldly-wise Mrs. Peachum doesn't court the audience so much as bowl them over with her pep, focus and singing.

It must be a thrill to perform in that jangly, dissonant and exuberant Brecht-Weil world of The Threepenny Opera, especially for college-age artists. It portrays a society turned upside down, one in which we're rooting for a an elegantly carefree, immoral and unrepentant thief and murderer. The wealthy and the bourgeois exclude and exploit the denizens of the Victorian underworld, and Macheath (the stylish Alejandro Cardona) hasn't the slightest remorse about beguiling and betraying the …

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