Circle the Wagons
by Exchange Artists

Feb. 14 - Mar. 03, 2014

Circle the Wagons is an intimate look at car culture- broadly defined. The production combines full ensemble performances with intimate, five-minute plays in cars. The audience will move from car to car witnessing a thematically connected but independent short play in each one. This production offers not only intimacy with performers, but also an intimacy with the subject of car culture. What do cars mean to you; independence, isolation, a secret haven, a death trap? Does your car define you? What only happens in a car that couldn’t or wouldn’t happen anywhere else? Join us for the trip! There will be music, dancing, and a percussive car orchestra- played with the cars themselves. 

Circle the Wagons
Exchange Artists

February 14 - March 03, 2014
Hyde Park Christian Church
610 East 45th Street
Austin, TX, 78751

The Exchange Artists invite you to Circle the Wagons, a new voyeuristic theatrical experience in 8 parts, running February 14th – March 3rd, Friday through Monday evenings at 8pm. The performance will take place in the parking lot of Hyde Park Christian Church with audience getting in and out of 8 vehicles to witness a five minute play in each car. Tickets are $20, $10 for the first weekend, and $15 for students and artists, and can be purchased online at, or reserved by emailing