Charley's Aunt
by Different Stages

Mar. 20 - Apr. 11, 2015

photo by Bret BrookshireOxford students Jack and Charley can''t court their sweethearts without a chaperone. Charley's aunt is on her way from Brazil and will fit the bill - until her arrival is delayed! What to do, what to do? By George, they hire an impersonator, or rather coerce their rascally schoolmate Fancourt to pose as Charley's aunt from Brazil, - "where the nuts come from." Complications begin when the schoolmate, in drag, becomes the love object of two older men.

Charley's Aunt is one of the most successful comedies of all time. Just a few of the many actors who played Fancourt Babberley are Sidney Chaplin, Jack Benny, Art Carney, Roddy MacDowell, Dick Cavett and the great British drag artist, Danny LaRue.

Directed by Karen Jambon (The Language Archive), Charley's Aunt features Isto Barton (Apocrypha Project) as Fancourt aka "Charley's aunt." Jack and Charley are played by Curtis Allmon (Pygmalion) and Grayson Little (The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia). Their sweethearts Kitty and Amy are played by Sarah Danko (Pygmalion) and Sarah Zeringue (Fiddler on the Roof). Jack's father, Sir Francis is played by Skip Johnson (The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia). Amy's guardian, Stephan Spettigue is play by Andy Brown (Pygmalion). Charlie's real aunt Donna Lucia is played by Carrie Stephens (Murder on the Nile) and Ela, a ward traveling with Donna Lucia is played by Frances Bello (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie). The unflappable butler Brassett is played by Ian King (Loaded Gun Theory).

Charley's Aunt
by Brandon Thomas
Different Stages

March 20 - April 11, 2015
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