Black History Roll Call - An African Renaissance Journey
by Spectrum Theatre Company

Feb. 20, 2016

Follow the journey of Africans in America, from African folk tales to their distinctive use of drums to express culture and communicate ideas. This show will depict the Negro Renaissance of the 1900's , the Harlem Renaissasnce through the late 1960's, and the Millenium Renaissance of the modern day. There will be music, songs, scenes from plays, biographical sketches and dance.Featuring the professional talents of Spectrum Theatre Company members, Ballet Afrique, and  Texas Preparatory School students. 

Written by Dr. Billy Harden and featuring members of the Spectrum Theatre Company.

Sponsored by the National Council of Negro Women, Austin Section. 

Black History Roll Call - An African Renaissance Journey
by Dr. Billy Harden
Spectrum Theatre Company

February 20, 2016
Boyd Vance Theatre
George Washington Carver Center
1165 Angelina Street,
Austin, TX, 78702

Boyd Vance Theatre at the George Washington Carver Museum, Angelina St., Austin, 7 - 9 p.m. on Saturday, February 20.

Tickets $20 adults, $10 youth, $5 children, availble via or via

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