by Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

Mar. 15 - Mar. 30

In Ira Levin’s classic comedic thriller Deathtrap a washed-up playwright finds a chance to rise to the top once more, a shot he’d be willing to kill for. Sidney Bruhl hasn’t written a hit play for 18 years when he receives a script from a former student, Clifford Anderson, that’s a guaranteed success. His wife, Myra, suggests the two men could collaborate; Sidney jokes that it’d be just as easy to murder the young man and steal the script for his own. When Clifford arrives later that evening, no one--not even the visiting psychic--could predict where the dark events of the night will go. Who is innocent? Who only seems that way? Deathtrap is a sharply funny play full of twists and turns that keep an audience on the edge of their seats. Is anyone really safe when a man sees a clean shot at success?



by Ira Levin
Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

March 15 - March 30, 2024
Elizabeth Huth Coates Indoor Theatre, HCAF
indoors at 120 Point Theatre Road
Ingram, TX, 78025

March 15 - 30, 2024

HCAF  Point Theatre, Ingram