Upcoming Auditions with Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

CTX3704. Auditions for PROMISES, PROMISES at HCAF Ingram

Jun. 01 - Jun. 03

 In New York City in the 1960s, an ambitious accountant named Chuck Baxter lends out his apartment to his supervisors, who need a discreet place for illicit afternoon rendezvous. Miserable and exploited, Chuck finds a beacon of hope in coworker Fran, who is trapped in a romantic predicament of her …

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CTX3703. Auditions for Nightfall - An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, by Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF), Ingram

Aug. 17 - Aug. 19

Edgar Allan Poe stands alone in the flickering darkness of his mind, trying desperately to convince himself -- and us -- that he's not mad. The spell he weaves brings us a highly theatrical adaptation of four tales Poe himself considered his best: "The Raven," "The Fall of the House …

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