Unstill Life

Feb. 21 - Feb. 24

Parlor - 1910s-1920s WWI… nightingales… surrealism… yarn…Satire level… 1/5

BLiPSWiTCH welcomes you to the historic Wolf House for the premiere of our new work— Unstill Life— a self-guided durational movement performance. Fourteen dancers will inhabit six spaces, with each room and its cast embodying and investigating a distinct point in time— often through satire, occasionally with gravity, sometimes interrogating, but always exploring… and never taking ourselves too seriously. Travel through time with us, roaming freely and lingering at your leisure.


(via Blipswitch)


Concept, Production & Choreographic Direction: Taryn Lavery, Alex Miller

Choreographic Collaboration & Performance: Anna Bauer, Celeste Camfield, Alexa Capareda, Cara Cook, Siri Cyan, Karson Hood, Hailley Lauren, Christina Mitchell, Rosalyn Nasky, Sarah Navarrete, Lisa del Rosario, Melissa Sanderson, Emily Tolson, Camille Wiltz

Unstill Life is a culmination and expansion of three previous BLiPSWiTCH works— learn about them here.

Photo: @tdlavery

Unstill Life
by Blipswitch

February 21 - February 24, 2024
The Wolf House
Austin, TX, 78702

February 21-24, 2024

7:00 pm & 7:45 pm

Wolf House | 1602 Cesar Chavez St.

Each day offers two entrance times— 7:00pm and 7:45pm. Through the use of set choreographies and improvisational decision-making, the dancers will perform continuously for the full 1.5 hours each evening, and the second block will end at approximately 8:30pm.

We look forward to greeting you at the door!

Tickets: sliding scale $25 and up, available online HERE