The Velveteen Rabbit
by Magik Theatre

Nov. 18 - Dec. 24, 2023

Back by popular demand this holiday season is the delightful and heartwarming retelling of the classic children's story The Velveteen Rabbit. A young child awakens Christmas morning to discover a Velveteen Rabbit among their gifts. Soon becoming the child's new favorite toy, the rabbit becomes worn and shabby from play, and a wonderful change begins to happen. Through his adventures with the hcild, the Velveteen Rabbit learns about love and friendship, and the true meaning of being real. This much-loved and inspiring story is set in a cozy and magical world, full of inspiring moments that will leave audiences feeling uplifted. Don't miss this timeless tale that captures the spirit of the holiday season


Adapted for the stage by Margery Hoppe-Long for Magik Theatre

Based on the book by Margery Williams

The Velveteen Rabbit
by adapted from the children's book by Margery Williams
Magik Theatre

November 18 - December 24, 2023
Magik Performing Arts Center (MPAC)
5359 Casa Bella
San Antonio, TX, 78249

November 18 - December 24, 2023

Magik Theatre, San Antonio