The Trip to Bountiful
by Bastrop Opera House

Jun. 30 - Jul. 16, 2023

Horton Foote’s moving play tells the story of Carrie Watts, an elderly woman, who longs to escape the cramped Houston apartment where she lives with her protective son, Ludie, and her authoritarian daughter-in-law, Jessie Mae.Carrie wants to return to her beloved hometown of Bountiful, Texas, one final time before she dies. While Ludie is at work and Jessie Mae is at the drugstore, Carrie escapes to the bus station and befriends a young woman named Thelma. The new friends travel toward Bountiful together, but when Carrie arrives in nearby Harrison, Texas, she begins to learn that her beloved town isn’t the same as she remembered it.  


Directed by Martha Cherbini/Cynthia Smith


Donna Dye as Mrs. Watts

Derek Byzinski as Ludie Watts

Christine Long as Jessie Mae

Krystal Castacio as Thelma

Ky Hote as Houston Agent 1

Aiden Nesbitt as Houston Agent 2

Danny Waelti as Roy

Todd Gillissie as Sheriff

Freda Johnson as Traveler 1 and Woman Traveler

TJ Condit as Old Man Traveler

David Marsh as Traveler Husband

Gretchen Westbrook as Traveler Wife

The Trip to Bountiful
by Horton Foote
Bastrop Opera House

June 30 - July 16, 2023
Bastrop Opera House
711 Spring Street
Bastrop, TX, 78602

June 30 -  July 16, 2023

Bastrop Opera Street, Spring Street, Bastrop

Tickets $20 plus fees, available online HERE