Could You Please Look into the Camera?
by Trinity University

Mar. 17 - Feb. 25

Based on interviews with young Syrians detained by the Assad regime during the civil uprisings of 2011, COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE CAMERA? explores the relationship between Nura, a filmmaker, and Zayd, Karim, and Farah, three young protestors recollecting their arrests and detentions. As a Theatre for Social Change piece, COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE CAMERA? poses some critical questions: What is the relationship between art and technology? Can theatre stimulate political and social change? How can art provide the tools for action to empower individuals oppressed because of their race, gender, class, religion, ideology, and sexual orientation? How can performance serve to raise our consciousness against violence and war? With this production, Trinity Theatre continues to build a platform for change around difficult dialogues.

Directed by Prof. Roberto Prestigiacomo. Scenic design is by Martha Penaranda, Costumes by Kellie Grengs, and Lighting by Andrew Lopez.

Could You Please Look into the Camera?
by Mohammed Al Attar
Trinity University

March 17 - February 25, 2023
Attic Theatre at Trinity University
Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Bldg
Trinity University
San Antonio, TX, 78212

(click for Attic Rep tickets)Trinity Theatre presents the southwest premiere of Mohammad Al Attar’s COULD YOU PLEASE LOOK INTO THE CAMERA? from February 17 - 25, 2023 in the Attic Theatre. 

This production is for mature audiences only. Due to the intimate nature of the Attic Theatre, with a capacity limited to 63 seats, reservations are required to make sure it's available for this production. Please use the QR code embedded in our graphic above for reservations