The Frogs
by The Theatre Company (TTC)

Apr. 01 - Apr. 10, 2022

The Frogs is a musical "freely adapted" by Stephen Sondheim and Burt Shevelove from The Frogs, an Ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes. In the musical, Dionysus, despairing of the quality of living dramatists, travels to Hades to bring George Bernard Shaw back from the dead. William Shakespeare competes with Shaw for the title of best playwright, which he wins. Dionysus brings Shakespeare back to the world of the living in the hope that art can save civilization.


(from TTC, Bryan)

The Frogs
by adapted from Aristophanes by Steven Sondheim and Bert Shevelove
The Theatre Company (TTC)

April 01 - April 10, 2022
The Theatre Company
3125 S. Texas Ave., Suite 500
(behind Joann Fabrics in the Tejas Center)
Bryan, TX, 77802

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