Fresh Takes on Gilbert & Sullivan
by Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

Aug. 15 - Sep. 15, 2021

Gilbert & Sullivan Austin presents the second in its 2021 series Fresh Takes on Gilbert and Sullivan in which Austin directors and performers reimagine G&S works in new, contemporary, unexpected ways!

Available free of charge for a month at from August 15, 2021.

Episode 2, running 45 minutes, features:


Sebastian Vitale and the crew (video by Marcelo Tesón)


El buque Parasol

presenting the first three numbers of HMS Pinafore done entirely in Spanish to a reorchestration by Pablo P of Buenos Aires, featuring director Sebastian Vitale, Alejandra McGuire as La Mariposa (Little Buttercup), and a crew of eight: Julián Arizola,  Benjamin Bazán, Rafael de la Cruz, Monica Fossi, Leslie Gaar, Ana Kamarena, Anthonio Medrano, and Steven Reichel.


Ryan Scarlata, Alex Aponte, Kaitlyn Huston (video by Allison Price)

The Patter Trio

a festival of delights, 1877 - 1889


featuring a ménage à trois directed by Allison Price singing famous "patter songs" from The Gondoliers, HMS Pinafore, Ruddigore, and Princess Ida.


Leila Hanaumi, Xavier Hagans, Jeremy Rashad Brown, Maylissa Quinn (video by Lisa Scheps)

The Roaring Mikado --

Koko - Katisha numbers from Act II, including "Tit-willow"

featuring hearing and deaf performers directed by Lisa Scheps of Ground Floor Theatre and Brian Cheslik of Deaf Austin Theatre, with Jeremy Rashad Brown and Xavier Hagans twinned as Katisha and Leila Hanaumi and Maylissa Quinn twinned as Koko





Garrett Cordes, Kirk Kelso, Jeffrey Jones-Ragona (video by Marcelo Tesón)


Kirk Kelso performing

"I've Got A Little List -- and They Never Will Be Missed!"

as a musical theatre peformer exasperated by audiences, musicians, and fellow actors, accompanied by Garrett Cordes and Jeffrey Jones-Ragona as the chorus, before artwork by Barb Jernigan.






Fresh Takes on Gilbert & Sullivan
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Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

August 15 - September 15, 2021
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