Trial by Jury
by Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

Mar. 17

"Trial by Jury," like many of Gilbert and Sullivan's works, features an intentionally absurd plot where characters act as if the events are entirely normal, softening the satirical jabs at hypocrisy, especially among those in authority, and the questionable motives of supposedly respectable individuals and institutions. 


This one-act operetta was their first successful joint effort in 1875, hastily created to fill a slot in a double bill at a London theater, replacing a play that was poorly received by the audience. It cleverly pokes fun at the British judicial system, with a cast including a lustful learned judge, a tearful plaintiff, a roguish defendant, a group of singing bridesmaids, an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers, and a biased jury who, along with the judge, has fallen in love with the plaintiff themselves!


It’s been suggested that Trial by Jury is one of the most successful British one-act operettas of all time.


Our cast will include: Garrett Cordes, Julius Young, Josue Hernandez, Brenham Sean Adams, Leann Fryer, Hillary Schranze, Susan Johnston Taylor, Sarah Manna, Rebecca Smootz, Rosa Harris, Annisha Mackenzie, Janette Jones, Brett Hardy, Joseph Nguyen


Following Trial by Jury the cast will provide additional musical treats, including songs from GSA's upcoming grand summer production The Yeomen of the Guard.


After the performance, join us to celebrate Frederic's birthday with refreshments, and a screening of one of our Fresh Takes- The Yeomen of the Guard with puppets!



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Trial by Jury
by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

March 17, 2024
Congregation Agudas Achim
7300 Hart Lane Agudas Achim
Austin, TX, 78731

March 17, 2024

Congregation Agudas Achim, Dell Jewish Center, Hart Lane, Austin

Tickets $25 general admission, $10 18-years-old and under

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