Dream A Little Dream
by Overtime Theater

Aug. 06 - Aug. 28, 2021

(via Overtime Theatre)


Life was good for Judy. Newly wed to the love of her life and ready to begin a family, everything is perfect. Until she suddenly wakes up in her home only to find it isn’t her home anymore. Surrounded by strangers and suddenly over 50 years in the future, how will she escape the strange men pursuing her–and what is the secret behind the song that seems to follow everywhere she goes? Somehow she must find out the secret–or be separated from her family forever.

Judy wakes up one morning to find her home is no longer hers... as she searches for her husband and clues about what is happening, it finally dawns on her that she is no longer in 1968, but in 2020. Judy then embarks on a journey to find her way home and back to her family as she is haunted by a familiar tune.

Written and directed by Sarah Goodwin.


(via Overtime Theatre)


Outside Voice Project  – Lacuna Community

The newest San Antonio non-profit organization, Lacuna Community is proud to partner with Overtime Theatre in their next production, Dream a Little Dream, written and directed by Sarah Goodwin.  Natalie Buster, Programming Director of Lacuna Community, and certified trauma-informed yoga therapist will work with actors on creating a safe space to explore the trauma-informed subject matter of this piece, and to practice self-care so they can release at the end of each rehearsal and performance. The project is called the Outside Voice Project which uses trauma-informed yoga and breath techniques for theatrical expression, especially when the material is serious, trauma-informed, or challenging in nature.

Lacuna Community’s mission is to use the tools of yoga and meditation to create a safe foundation for creative expression and personal growth.  There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga – that it’s all about standing on your head or twisting into pretzel shapes in a hot room.  Trauma-informed yoga therapy is a practice where the student is in charge of their experience.  We use movement, visualization, affirmations, and breathwork as tools for the actor’s toolbox, inviting them to create a safe space to express themselves freely.

If you’d like more information about the Outside Voice Project, please contact Natalie at lacunacommunitycontact@gmail.com.  You can read more about Lacuna Community at https://www.lacunacommunity.org.


Dream A Little Dream
by Sarah Goodwin
Overtime Theater

August 06 - August 28, 2021
Overtime Theater
5409 Bandera Road, Unit 205
near I-410
San Antonio, TX, 78238

August 6th – August 28th
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Tentative Sunday shows on August 15th and 22nd

Tickets on sale.