Gross Indecency - The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde
by City Theatre Company

Jul. 22 - Aug. 01

This celebrated and fascinating play tells the true story of famed – and unashamed - author Oscar Wilde, who in 1895 was accused of posing as a “sodomite” by the father of his young companion, Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas. Wilde fought the scandalous and questionable charge, but the tables quickly turned, and he found himself defending his career, art, morality, and ultimately, his life. Playwright Moises Kaufman, author of The Laramie Project, weaves together news articles, biographies, and interviews to recreate the harsh reality of Victorian past, but also create new light and relevancy on the downfall of the 19th Century’s most famous playwright and novelist, and his unquestioning view on the acts of love and beauty.

Gross Indecency - The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde
by Moises Kaufman
City Theatre Company

July 22 - August 01, 2021
Trinity Street Players
Black Box Theatre, 4th floor, First Baptist Church
901 Trinity Street
Austin, TX, 78701

More forthcoming from City Theatre Company. (May 22, 2021)