Clue Onstage
by Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

Jun. 04 - Jun. 26, 2021

Based on the movie.

Casting, April 7:

We are so pleased to announce the cast of "Clue: On Stage"! 27 talented people auditioned and made this an extremely difficult decision. Thank you to all who auditioned and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Wadsworth: Chris Huber
Yvette: Becca Bigott
Cook: Jennifer Boothby
Miss Scarlet: Elizabeth Bishop
Mrs. Peacock: Shari Goddard
Mrs. White: Emily Huber
Colonel Mustard: Jeff Cunningham
Professor Plum: Ken DeZarn
Mr. Green: Jason Rittimann
Mr. Boddy: Treston Mack
Chief of Police: Jennyth Peterson
Motorist: Josh Butler
Cop: John Hall
Backup Cops to the Chief: Sarah Shodrock, Elijah Alvarez, Josh Butler

Clue Onstage
by Sandy Rustin, Hunter Foster, Eric Price, Michael Holland
Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

June 04 - June 26, 2021
Elizabeth Huth Coates Point Theatre indoor stage, HCAF
120 Point Theatre Road
HCAF indoors
Ingram, TX, 78025

Check for dates and tickets. (March 5, 2021)