Human Resources - the Musical
by Mallory Schlossberg

Dec. 04 - Dec. 12


Emily Silverberg is a writer who is down on her luck after losing her job at a pseudo-health startup. Her job was supposed to cover IVF and infertility treatments, and now she can't afford them. (She's got a lot of debt from her MFA program.) Her supportive husband, Max, encourages her to apply to work at a bigger and better company—the health food empire Greener Pastures—but before Emily can even apply, she gets a mysterious message from the company's recruiter, who asks her if she wants to be part of something bigger than herself. Once Emily starts working at Greener Pastures, she begins to suspect something’s not quite right. The company's mission is to "to feed the earth," and...let's just say they do that very literally. (Spoiler alert: The company is just a front for a demon vegetable god-worshipping death cult. Yes, you read that correctly) 


Human Resources takes a twist from work-place satire to full-on B-horror comedy. It's a campy, over-the-top musical that asks us what we'd be willing to give up for purpose and a place, while simultaneously tearing down the systems that prevent us from truly succeeding. 



Human Resources - the Musical
by Mallory Schlossberg, Alexandra Smith
Mallory Schlossberg

December 04 - December 12, 2020
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700


Virtual shows December 4, 5, 11, 12

Shows will be recorded and the cast’s favorite will air in the weekends to follow