The River of Haircuts - A Serious Play
by Theatre en Bloc

Nov. 17, 2020

The River of Haircuts explores the difficulties that arise when democracy is weighed down with bureaucracy. When a village discovers a supernatural phenomenon outside of town, the village council must figure out what to do with it before it tears them apart. 

The River of Haircuts is a ridiculous comedy about democracy, governance, and relationships in a world...similar to ours.

By Kyle John Schmidt | Directed by Jenny Lavery

Dana Lau
Bob Jones
Ben Bazan
Joy Cunningham
Sam Mandelbaum
 Sarah Danko

Livestream support: Blake Addyson, Jenny Hanna Chambers


Note from Jenny:


Here's a conversation I had over text this week:
MOM: Is the river of haircuts dirty?  
JENNY: It's about democracy.
MOM: So, is that a yes?  

Whether you've cut your teeth at the PTA, been on a planning committee, or just tried to put together a book club, you know that getting people to work together is HARD. 

The River of Haircuts asks a question as old as democracy: Why is it so difficult to get anything done? Over the course of the play, we watch a village council unravel in real-time when faced with the unimaginable: a river that cuts hair. 

This play is kind of like if Roald Dahl and Bertolt Brecht got together to write a play after attending a bad HOA meeting. It's fantastical, fun, and political with nary an obscenity to be found. And you can enjoy it for free over Zoom with our one-night only developmental reading. 

Intrigued? I hope so!

Jenny Lavery
Artistic Director of Theatre en Bloc

The River of Haircuts - A Serious Play
by Kyle John Schmidt
Theatre en Bloc

November 17, 2020
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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