No Sex Please, It's Christmas!
by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Nov. 01 - Nov. 23, 2019

It’s Christmas Eve, and Mr. Broadbent, the builder, has invited prospective buyers, Fred and Gladys McNicoll, to spend the holidays in “THE HOUSE OF THE FUTURE”, in the hopes that the “spirit of the season” will close the deal.  He has pulled out all the stops. The house is decorated for the holidays, he’s hired a personal chef, Sue Johnson, to prepare a gourmet dinner, and he has even bribed two members of his staff, Casey Cody and Ben Adams, to pose as a married couple, who are renting the house, so they can extol its virtues and explain how everything works. 


HOWEVER…that’s the problem, nothing does.  So, he’s hired his maintenance man, Eddie Cott, to be on hand behind the scenes, to make running repairs as necessary. Off course the buyers must not know he is there… but, upon discovery, he ends up masquerading as Nanny Turcotte.  Then a stranded traveler, Mr. Brooks, who happens to be Casey’s future father-in-law, shows up and forces Ben to pretend that the cook is his wife.  He also falls in love with Nanny! So Ben ends up with 2 pretend wives and Mr. Brooks in hot pursuit of Nanny!  And, somehow, people keep losing clothes to the automatic vacuum/trash collector!  Can they really sell the house in this predicament?   


directed by Bill Craig


(via WOBCP)



The Cast Includes:                                          The Crew includes:

Mr. Cott

Glenn Aichlmyr


Bill Craig

Ben Adams

Greg Holmes

Asst Director

Sarah Jackson

Casey Cody

Jennifer Gonzalez

Stage Manager

Sarah Jackson

Sue Johnson

Summer Stimson

Stage Crew

Shawn Walsh

Gladys McNichol

Barb Jernigan


Beth Watkin

Fred McNichol

Russ Jernigan


Bill Craig

Mr. Broadbent

John Milford



Walter Brooks

John Milford





No Sex Please, It's Christmas!
by Bill Parker
Way Off Broadway Community Players

November 01 - November 23, 2019
Way Off Broadway Community Players
11880 Hero Way West
Leander, TX, 78641
Evening Performances at 8 pm:
November 1, 2, 2019
November 8, 9
November 15, 16
November 22, 23
Sunday Matinee at 3 pm: November 10

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