Who Framed Roger Replicant?
by La Fenice

Sep. 23, 2019
Monday, Friday-Saturday

A body. An android. A judge. A race for redemption.

A reprise starring Nate Dunaway, Aaron Johnson, Genevieve Kinney, Kate Meehan and Adam Rodriguez, with a live score by Trevor Hickle.

Who Framed Roger Replicant?
by La Fenice ensemble
La Fenice

Monday, Friday-Saturday,
September 23, 2019
Butterfly Bar
inside at 2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

Monday at 8 p.m., at the Butterfly Bar, Vortex Repertory, Austin.

(Sept 25:)

We are real sad to announce that we'll need to cancel the rest of the reprise of this show. A big surprise injury has taken one of our actors down, and we're going to give her time to mend up. Catch us next May for our newest original show: Raising Harry Potter.