Sink, Florida, Sink
by The Public Theater

Jun. 14 - Jun. 30

Our Word Premiere Fresh Ink Presentation, a drama

After a series of volatile Hurricanes have left most of Florida under water, the remaining residents of a small beach town fight to keep their island afloat. When a stranger from their past returns to the island, Violet and Seb are faced with the hardest decision of their lives. Sink, Florida, Sink. is about the moment we decide if what we have always believed in and fought for is really worth it.

Director: Lana Russell

Violet - Alyx Irene Gonzales
Sebastian - Ivan A. Ortega
Christian - Caleb Craig
Greg - Robby Vance
Clara- Meredith Bell Alvarez*

Directed by: Lana Russell
Stage Manager: Sondra Martin Gervasi
Set Design: Jeremy Whittington
Lighting Design: Daniel Heggem
Sound Design: Jesse Worley
Prop Design: Tyler Pursch
Resident Costumer: Sara Brookes


Sink, Florida, Sink
by David Kimple
The Public Theater

June 14 - June 30, 2019
Cellar Theatre, The Public Theater, San Antonio
San Pedro Park
800 W Ashby Place
San Antonio, TX, 78212

Jun 14 – Jun 30 in The Cellar

Tickets on sale May 14, 2019 at Midnight!

*Member of Actors Equity Assoc

More forthcoming from The Public Theater. (January 8, 2018)



[Artwork and design by Jeremy Whittington]