"Murder & Mayhem" Fundraiser
by Blunt Force Drama

Apr. 13, 2019

"Murder & Mayhem" is an original cabaret style show which will focus on showcasing the talent we have within our theater community. It will be split up into two acts: Act 1 will be an open mic set-up, with performers doing short 4-8 minute slots of any performance related to true crime/murdery things, Act 2 will an improv show based upon a murdery concept which the audience will suggest at the beginning of the night.

"Murder & Mayhem" Fundraiser
by Amber Wilson and ensemble
Blunt Force Drama

April 13, 2019
4704 E Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX, 78702

More forthcoming from Blunt Force Drama, Austin, Texas. (March 5, 2019)



(image from clunkbucket.com, 2009)