Blunt Force Drama

It all started because of a morbid mutual love of live theater and true crime. A bunch of badass Murderinos (fans of the My Favorite Murder podcast) met in an Austin coffee shop one rainy night, and a plan was formed. Led by Kathleen Rotondo, the group devoted themselves to a common creative goal of producing both original and adapted works that highlighted this ongoing societal fascination with true crime, survivalism, and the extremes of human behavior in exceptional situations. Blunt Force Drama was born!
We are a found space DIY theater company, and love the opportunity this grants us to forge working relationships with new and unique businesses and their owners. We are board-operated and in the process of forming our selection committee, at which time we will begin accepting show and director proposals. Currently we are working to gain a foothold in our local community and build a following, with the hope that by next year we will be able to compensate our performers for their work.
Though we have collaborated as performers in other productions, we are proud to announce that our debut company performance, Murder and Mayhem, arrives this April! This cabaret-style show will serve to promote and fundraise our first official production, Miss Murder - coming this April. More details and audition notices to arrive soon!

"It reminds us that as ordinary as we might be, we can, if we choose, take the harder road, walk forth bravely under the indifferent stars. We can hazard the ravages of chance. We can choose to endure what seems unendurable, and thereby open up the possibility of prevailing. We can awaken to the world as it is, and, seeing it with eyes wide open, we can nevertheless embrace hope rather than despair." - Daniel James Brown, The Indifferent Stars AboveCompany established in Austin, Texas, 2019.

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