My Mother *%^#ing College Life
by McCallum Fine Arts Academy

Apr. 01, 2019

What is in the minds and hearts of college students today? A thought-provoking portrait of a new generation struggling with higher education’s promise of “personal transformation.” 

My Mother *%^#ing College Life
by Michel Bigelow Dixon, Brooke Jennett, Jon Jory
McCallum Fine Arts Academy

April 01, 2019
McCallum Fine Arts Academy
5600 Sunshine Drive
Austin, TX, 78756

April 1, 2019 7:30 pm

The annual Student-Directed One Act Play Festival showcases the work of a select group of students, who, with great independence, undertake all aspects of directing a one act play. They set up rehearsals, work with actors, oversee a design team and take a show from early conception through full performance. The One Act Play Festival offers four entertaining evenings in the theatre celebrating student initiative and creativity. The short pieces run the gamut from drama to comedy, from classical to contemporary pieces and sometimes include original, student-written plays. 

No tickets needed; entry is free.