Ride, the musical
by Overtime Theater

Feb. 08 - Feb. 16, 2019


Nicole Erwin (photo by Alexandra Castillo)Ride is the story of a taxi driver named Stockton who's underwater on his taxi medallion due to competition from ride share companies. He and his daughter, Jess, are struggling to make ends meet. She wants to go to acting school and he’s trying to keep them from being evicted. After a separate chance encounters with a limo driver, they both decide to test their limits as to what they're willing to do to stay afloat.


The Overtime Theater’s workshop of its summer musical Ride offers a reading and musical selections. The musical workshop gives the audience a sneak preview of this new musical by Brandilynn Stillwell and Dan Timoskevich, co-author of Nightingale, last year’s ATAC award winning musical. This unique event allows the audience an opportunity to offer feedback on the script and the music. All attendees will receive a free soundtrack when it is released in June.



“The workshop is perfect for anyone looking for a glimpse behind the curtain to see what makes a musical happen. It’s a bit of a Nightingale reunion and we are really looking forward to having several members from the Nightingale cast in the show”, says Timoskervich.


Award-winning director, producer and actress, Nicole Erwin, who heads up the Overtime Theater, will play the role of the drama coach and also sing selections from the show. Stillwell and Timoskevich will play the father and daughter duo alongside fellow Nightingale cast mates, Venny Mortimer and Caitlin Palmer. 

Promo Video: https://youtu.be/WJIMRc7GOBY

Workshop Cast: 

Dan Timoskevich - Stockton
Venny Mortimer - Morlan
Caitiln Palmer - Melanie
Nicole Erwin - Toni
Francis Hicks - Stage Directions / Morlan on 2/15


The Overtime Theater is a non-profit organization with the mission of “theater for the people” to the greater community through new productions and workshops in acting, playwriting, and comedy improvisation.



Ride, the musical
by Dan Timoskevich, Brandilynn Stillwell
Overtime Theater

February 08 - February 16, 2019
Overtime Theater
5409 Bandera Road, Unit 205
near I-410
San Antonio, TX, 78238

Performed at The Overtime Theater, San Antonio (otsatx.org) on Feb 8 – Feb 16 , 2019

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm

Overtime Theater

Address: 5409 Bandera Rd Ste 205, San Antonio, TX 78238

General Admission Ticket Price: $5 at the door

Website: http://theovertimetheater.org