A Real Boy
by Last Act Theater Company

Aug. 09 - Aug. 25, 2018

This satiric play tells the story of two marionette puppets with a human child who starts growing strings of his own - and the kindergarten teacher who takes it upon herself to save him. 

Directed by Chelsea Beth.

Terry - Yamina Khouane
Max - MaKenna Mabon
Peter - Brandon Sterret
Mary Ann - Chelsea Manasseri
Klaus - Adam Martinez
Rebecca - Emily Christine Smith 
Jilly - Roxanna Taylor

A Real Boy
by Stephen Kaplan
Last Act Theater Company

August 09 - August 25, 2018
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

Dates approximate; runs Thursdays - Saturdays. 'Industry night' performance on Monday, August 15.


[poster image via 59 E. 59th theatre, NY, NY]