Self Portraits
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Apr. 05 - Apr. 10, 2018


Bottle Alley Theatre Company presents SELF PORTRAITS, the first show of our FIFTH season which is entitled Jump Off A Building.

Self Portraits is an exercise in controlled chaos and self-expression. And honesty. So much honesty. An uncomfortable amount of honesty. Because when you paint a self portrait of yourself that's what you have to be - honest with yourself and what you see. 

There will be thirty pieces of theatre performed each night in random order. Some of them are funny. Some are very dramatic. In some no words are spoken at all. It is a fast-paced controlled disaster where you will get to learn about us, as people. Oh, and at some point you'll get to throw socks. 

Written and Performed by 
Tim Olivares
Kimberly Gifford
Rachel Holderbach
Marci Raquel Blackwell
Natalie DiCristofano
Gy Odom
Amanda Branham Aguirre
Tiffany Navarro
Paige Teryn Breese
Mick Primmer
& Abigail Rose

Directed, Produced, Curated (and occasionally written and performed by) Chris Fontanes and Dani Stetka

Poster and program design by Corinna Marie Browning

Self Portraits
by Organized by Bottle Alley Theatre Company
Bottle Alley Theatre Company

April 05 - April 10, 2018
The Back Pack
2400 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX, 78756

We will be doing SIX straight performances (the 5th through the 10th) at The Backpack (shoutout to The Backpack!). House opens at 8 with the show starting around 8:20 or so. 

BYOB (but there will also be drinks there - cash is appreciated!)

Tickets are $11.34 (service fee included), available via