Dry Land
by Permanent Record

Oct. 27 - Dec. 10, 2017

High school swimmer Amy is in over her head, out of options and desperate for an ally. Luckily for her, Ester is sick of treading water. With the clock running out, school pressures mounting and adulthood lurking dangerously close to the surface the unlikely friends struggle to keep afloat without pushing each other under.
Set almost entirely in the girls' locker room of a Florida high school, Spiegel’s acclaimed play takes an unflinching and authentic look at the complexities of female friendship, abortion, adolescents' in crisis and the terrifying process of becoming yourself.
Directed by Marian Kansas
Produced by Lindsey Markham
Featuring: Brandi Gist, Lindsey Markham, Alani Chock, Brennan Patrick and Tom Swift 
(via Permanent Record)
Praise for Dry Land 
"Tender, caustic, hilarious and harrowing, often at the same time."  - New York Times
"An unexpected journey into the hearts of light and darkness beating inside ordinary teenagers ."- Chicago Tribune
"Hilarious and important: Layered portrayals of female relationships play out amidst wrenchingly stark circumstances." -Dig Boston
Permanent Record is thrilled to bring Spiegel’s incredible play to the Austin stage for our inaugural production!


Dry Land
by Ruby Rae Spiegel
Permanent Record

October 27 - December 10, 2017
Mastrogeorge Theatre
130 Pedernales Street
Austin, TX, 78702
Permanent Record Theatre presents Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel
October 27-December 2, 8 pm Thurs-Sat at Mastrogeorge Theatre.  130 Pedernales St Ste 318B, Austin, TX 78702
EXTENDED to Saturday and Sunday, December 9 and 10, 2018.
Tickets available via Eventbrite HERE.
Tickets go on sale October 1. $12-$25. Dry Land contains nudity and graphic content. Ages 16 and up admitted. 

For more information visit: permanentrecordtheatre.org