Beauty and the Beast
by The Theatre Company

Oct. 06 - Oct. 22, 2017


Adapted from the 1991 Disney classic film, this musical tells the story of Belle, our bright and brave heroine, and a young prince, punished by an enchantress to live as a hideous beast. Before becoming a Broadway hit in 1994, Beauty and the Beast got its start just down the road at the Hobby Center in Houston, Texas. Join us as we bring these magical characters to life!


BELLE….. Berkley Jones
MAURICE….. Daniel Timothy Hill
BEAST..… Paul Early
GASTON….. Scott Mills
LEFOU….. Andrew Armstrong
MONSIEUR D’ARQUE..… Benjamin Ikwuagwu
LUMIERE….. Roger Pine
COGSWORTH….. Zack Brattin
BABETTE….. Armineh Davis
MRS. POTTS..… Amy Henss
CHIP….. Matthew Winn
SILLY GIRLS..… Camilla Busselberg (#1), Christina Freeman (#2), Janie Kate Jordan (#3)
PRINCE (Prologue)..… Nathan Kocmoud
OLD WOMAN/ENCHANTRESS (Prologue)..… Jacki Kilgore
ROSE….. Christiana Kocmoud
WOLVES….. Anna Hale, Lily Van Zandt, Katy Sutton, Asher Hinton, Caleb Ryan Coke, Lucas Dickson

VILLAGERS: Jasia Correa (Aristocratic Lady), Benjamin Ikwuagwu (Fish Man), Kelsie Kullman (Sausage Curl Girl), Lucas Dickson (Egg Man), Tyler Bruffett (Baker), Mandy Kullman (Lady with Cane), Gigi Greene (Lady with Baby), William Shirley (Candle Man), Steve Tinkle (Hat Seller), Taylor Williams (Milkmaid), Corey Barron (Book Seller), John McMullen (Male Villager), Royce Pine, Oliver Gorman, Madelyn Weirich, Kathryn Morgan, Jacki Kilgore, Riley Mae McMahon, Allie Smith, Anna Hale, Katy Sutton, Lily Van Zandt, Caleb Ryan Coke, Asher Hinton, Nathan Kocmoud, Macie Steer, Chaz Macklin, Ryan Topf, Henry Bradford, Shiloh Bartee, Caroline Powers, Camille Powers

Salt/Pepper… Christina Freeman/Madelyn Weirich
Rug… Royce Pine
Ottoman… Oliver Gorman
Suit of Armor… Chaz Macklin
Plates/Napkins: Janie Kate Jordan, Camilla Busselberg, Kathryn Morgan, Taylor Williams, Jacki Kilgore, Riley Mae McMahon, Allie Smith, Jasia Correa
Cutlery… Anna Hale, Katy Sutton, Lily Van Zandt, Lucas Dickson, Caleb Ryan Coke, Asher Hinton, Steve Tinkle, Tyler Bruffett, William Shirley, John McMullen, Nathan Kocmoud, Benjamin Ikwuagwu, Corey Barron
Teacups… Macie Steer, Shiloh Bartee, Caroline Powers, Camille Powers
Candlesticks… Ryan Topf, Henry Bradford
Feather Dusters… Kelsie Kullman, Mandy Kullman, Gigi Greene

Beauty and the Beast
by Walt Disney Studios
The Theatre Company

October 06 - October 22, 2017
The Theatre Company
3125 S. Texas Ave., Suite 500
(behind Joann Fabrics in the Tejas Center)
Bryan, TX, 77802

Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m.; matinees Saturdays at 2 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

  • General admission tickets are $20
  • Saturday matinee shows are $15
  • Seniors (55+) are $17
  • Students with valid ID are $17
  • Children (12 and under) are $7

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