Playing Possum: A Trickster Tale from Mexico
by Pollyanna Theatre Company

May. 12 - May. 21, 2017

In just a few weeks, Pollyanna Theatre Company opens Playing Possum: A Trickster Tale from Mexico May 12 – May 21. But what’s a trickster tale, and what does this have to do with possums? Read on to see what Pollyanna’s latest production is all about!

Humans have always used stories to help them understand the world around them. One common character found in many cultures that is especially helpful when it comes to explaining human nature as well as many of nature’s wonders is the trickster. Tricksters are often good-humored beings who mean no harm, but who amuse themselves by playing tricks on their friends and neighbors. but it never fails that the trickster plays one trick too many and it backfires!

This is the case with Pollyanna’s newest protagonist, Possum. Playing Possum by award-winning playwright Holly Hepp-Galvan is based on ancient Mexican folktales that feature Possum as well as Coyote, Turtle, Rabbit and Snake. With very fast-paced action and playful dialogue, audiences of all ages will be laughing at Possum and recognizing their friends, family members, and themselves through these animal personalities. Set in a colorful corner of folklore imagination, the visual design for the production will be as vivid as the characters.

Long ago, possums didn’t look the way they do today. They were silky white and had beautiful tails with long, thick fur. And they loved to play tricks! Particularly on poor Coyote. In this retelling of Mexican folklore, we follow Possum’s adventures where perhaps he plays one trick too many. Combined with Spanish language elements, this play will have children laughing while they think about what it really means to be clever. This play is by Holly Hepp-Galvan, intended for children in grades K – 3.

“Pollyanna’s mission is to create new plays for young audiences. We continue that tradition working again with Holly Hepp-Galvan who has written many very successful plays for Austin audiences in previous seasons. Our audience will remember Holly’s PETER AND THE PIPER as well as THE BIG BOLT, and her most recent play written for us TROUBLE ON THE DOUBLE,” Pollyanna’s Producing Artistic Director Judy Matetzschk-Campbell explains. “Each of her plays is filled with very thoughtful humor and characters that take fantastic journeys of discovery and growth. We cannot wait to share PLAYING POSSUM with young Central Texans this spring.”

Playing Possum: A Trickster Tale from Mexico
by Holly Hepp-Galvan
Pollyanna Theatre Company

May 12 - May 21, 2017
Rollins Theatre
Long Center
701 Riverside at South First,
Austin, TX, 78704

Weekday tickets are available at (512) 743-7966 and weekend tickets are available through the Long Center 3M Box Office. Get your tickets today while space is still available!