Animal Farm
by McCallum Fine Arts Academy

May. 11 - May. 14, 2017

Quite timely, this revolutionary masterpiece comes to the stage again with MacTheatre’s world premiere re-imagining of Animal Farm.

After revolting against the reign of their negligent human master, the animals of Mr. Jones’s farm create their own ideal society in which all animals are equal and rules are set by democratic vote. It's all working well until the allure of power leads the animals to a chilling fate. Animal Farm illustrates how new tyranny replaces old and power corrupts even the noblest of causes. This thought-provoking, political theatre is something everyone should see.


Boxer/Farmer- Jazzabelle Davishines
Cat/ Napoleon's Dog, Hen, Pigeons- Madisyn Andrews-Moreno
Hen/Cow/Mrs. Jones/Pig- Leela Boyer
Narrators- Edward Fotinos & Joi Green
Snowball- Marielle Glasse
Mr. Whymper- Mattew Hernandez
Mr. Jones/ Goose- Joshua Sanchez
Old Major/Sheep- Jasmine Skloss-Harrison
Sheep/Farmer- Ben Roberts
Minimus/Hen- Lauren Marie Carroll
Muriel- Meiriona Maddy
Napoleon- Dalynn Grace
Squealer- Grace Protzmann
Clover- Teryn Cazal
Moses/Hen/Pigeons- Julia Blackmon
Cow/Pig/Stable Lad- Dexter Murphy
Mollie/Napoleon's Dog/ Hen- Cal Hurd
Benjamin- Ella Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz
Mr. Pilkington- Nicholas Heinen

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Animal Farm
by George Orwell, adapted by Peter Bond
McCallum Fine Arts Academy

May 11 - May 14, 2017
McCallum High School
5600 Sunshine Drive
Austin, TX, 78756

Animal Farm runs May 11 -13th at 7 pm and Sunday May 14th at 2 pm. Location is the Fine Arts Building Theatre at McCallum, 5600 Sunshine Dr., Austin, TX 78756

Tickets may be purchased in advance at

Student tickets are $7; adults are $16, and seniors are $12. Please add $2 for tickets purchased at the door, except at the student rate.

Rates for groups of 10 or more are automatically discounted 10% on the online checkout page.