O. Henry, Oh, My!
by Extended Run Players

Mar. 17 - Mar. 18, 2017

We have had a fun time rehearsing and preparing these stories by O. Henry for you.  William Sidney Porter wrote in the early 20th century, even living in Austin* and San Antonio** for part of his career.  He is best known for stories that portray the lives of common people, and which often have a surprise ending.  Enjoy with us this evening colorful characters, humorous situations, made-up and outrageous words, and a bit of poignancy.



The Ethics of  Pig

Narrators         Scott Flanagan, Chester King

Jeff                 Don Hymel

Rufe               Patrick Donnelly

Mrs.  Peevy     Jean Karren

Constable        Chester King

Store Keeper   Scott Flanagan

George P. Tabley  Chester King


The Last Leaf

Narrator           David White

Johnsy             Pam Slocum

Sue                 Jean Karren

Doctor            Joe De Mott

Behrman        Patrick Donnelly


The Ransom of Red Chief

Narrators     Joe De Mott, Karen Brandon-King

Sam            Chester King

Bill               Don Hymel

Red Chief      Scott Flanagan




Director            Barbara Simpson

Script Editor      Chester King

House Manager Kathy Feinstein

Ushers              Helen Rundell, Diane Malone, Liz Espinosa


For more information on Extended Run Players call:

Kathy Feinstein, Business Manager           210-393-6217


Barbara Simpson, Artistic Director 210-884-0965



*O. Henry house in Austin:  http://ohenrymuseum.org/



**O. Henry house in San Antonio:  https://www.saconservation.org/EducationTours/HistoricalTours/tabid/130/ArticleID/47/ArtMID/560/Default.aspx

O. Henry, Oh, My!
by Extended Run Players ensemble
Extended Run Players

March 17 - March 18, 2017

 Seddon Recital Hall, Bennack Music Bldg

Friday, March 17, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 3 p.m.



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