The Thing in Grandma's Closet
by Pollyanna Theatre Company

Jan. 28 - Feb. 05, 2017

(via Pollyanna Theatre)What could be a downer of a day suddenly turns much more interesting when siblings Nick and Ally find a very odd machine in the back of their grandmother's closet.  Is it one more of her failed inventions or is it something wonderful that she left them for them to find?  The pair join forces with their mom to follow Grandma's clues and use the machine to learn many details about her life and what obstacles she faced as she worked toward a successful career in science, a technical field that very few women entered when she was young.  A touching and funny look at the power of memory and love.  

The Thing in Grandma's Closet
by Johnathan Graham
Pollyanna Theatre Company

January 28 - February 05, 2017
Rollins Theatre
Long Center
701 Riverside at South First,
Austin, TX, 78704
Space Still Available for Weekend Performances January 28th & 29th, 2017 at 2 p.m. and February 4th & 5th at 2 p.m.
This play is best for students in grades 2 - 5 and their families.
Group rates available based on the size and needs of your group.  Most groups pay between $3 - $4.50 per seat.
Call (512) 743-7966 or email today for more information.
Tickets $10.50 - $13.50 plus Long Center facility fee of $2 
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