Austin Shakespeare jobs: Sound Board Operator & Crew for COMEDY OF ERRORS in Zilker Park, Stage Manger for Young Shakespeare at Curtain Theatre

PAID JOBS: Austin Shakespeare is hiring a SOUND BOARD OPERATOR & Sound deck crew person April 25- May 25 weekends for "Comedy of Errors" in Zilker Park. send resume & letter of interest to melinda.parr [AT]

Also wardrobe supervisor & dresser.  All are paid positions.

Sound board operator to handle 15 body mics from April 25-May 28 performances Thurs-Sun nights. Resume & ltr of interest to melinda.parr [AT]

Young Shakespeare stage manager (non Equity) paid position for weeknights, sat afternoons Sun 5-9 pm May 16-June 25. send resume to

Wwould you help spread the word!

Comedy of Errors at Zilker Hillside Theater.  Young Shakespeare at Curtain Theatre off City Park Rd., a replica of Shakespeare's theater.


(via Austin Shakespeare)