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Performance Photos by Andy Sharp: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Georgetown Palace, March 8 - April 7, 2019
Created on Mar. 17 at 7:50a.m.


(performance photos by Andy Sharp)


Seeking fame and ...

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Performance photos by Kirk Tuck: NOTES FROM THE FIELD by Anna Deavere Smith, Zach Theatre Kleberg Stage, February 27 - March 31, 2019
Created on Mar. 11 at 3:01a.m.

(performance photos by Kirk Tuck)


Acclaimed writer and actor ...

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Performance Photos by Ursula Rogers: THE MOORS by Jen Silverman, Gaslight Baker Theatre, Lockhart, March 15 - 30, 2019
Created on Mar. 8 at 11:01a.m.

(Performance photos by Ursula Rogers)


Two sisters and a ...

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Performance Photos by Greg Wolf, Killeen Daily Herald: STEEL MAGNOLIAS, VLA Theatre, March 1 - 10, 2019
Created on Mar. 2 at 6:58a.m.

(photos by Greg Wolf, Killeen Dailly Herald, Feb. 28, 2019 ...

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Performance Photos by Gabriel Alba: JUNK by Ayad Akhtar, Street Corner Arts at Zach's Whisenhut Stage, February 15 - March 9, 2019
Created on Feb. 26 at 2:31a.m.

(Performance photos by Gabriel Alba)


From the Pulitzer Prize-winning ...

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Performance Photos by Greg Risley: THE FEUD, Texas Comedies, February 14 - 23, 2019
Created on Feb. 23 at 9:04a.m.

(performance photos by Greg Risley)

Review by Armanda England, Broadway ...

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Performance Photos by Errich Petersen: INDIAN INK by Tom Stoppard, Austin Shakespeare, February 14 - March 3, 2019
Created on Feb. 19 at 11:56a.m.

(performance photos by Errich Petersen)


In 1930, British poet ...

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Performance Photos by Aleks Ortynski: OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder, City Theatre at Picture Box Studios, February 14 - March 3, 2019
Created on Feb. 16 at 6:56a.m.

 (photos by Aleks Ortynski)


“You've got to ...

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Performance Photos by Kathryn Lane: FOR PETER PAN ON HER 70TH BIRTHDAY, Jarrott Productions at Trinity Street, February 14 - March 10, 2019
Created on Feb. 14 at 3:54a.m.

(performance photos by Kathryn Lane Photography)


When Ann thinks ...

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Performance Photos by Steve Rogers: WHEN WE WERE YOUNG AND UNAFRAID, Filigree Theatre at Mastrogeorge, February 7 - 23, 2019
Created on Feb. 10 at 8:03p.m.

(performance photos by Steve Rogers)



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Performance Photos by Siggi Ragnar: RENT, Public Theatre, San Antonio, January 25 - February 17, 2019
Created on Feb. 1 at 9:59a.m.

Set in the East Village of New York City, this ...

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Performance Photos by Mary Rath: MOON OVER BUFFALO by Ken Ludwig, Wimberley Players, February 8 - March 3, 2019
Created on Jan. 30 at 10:59a.m.

(performance photos by Mary Rath)

Ken Ludwig’s screwball comedy Moon ...

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Performance Photos by Steve Rogers: THE MAGIC FIRE by Lilian Groag, Different Stages at Trinity Street Players, January 11 - February 2, 2019
Created on Jan. 18 at 7:44p.m.

(performance photos by Steve Rogers)


The title "The Magic ...

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Photos from FronteraFest 2019
Created on Jan. 11 at 1:09p.m.

(photos published to date by Hyde Park Theatre)


That ...

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Performance Photos by Lawrence Peart: THIS GIRL LAUGHS, [. . .] Zach Theatre for Families, Jan 13 - 26, 2019
Created on Jan. 9 at 9:23a.m.

(Courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin; Photos by ...

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Performance Photos by Aleks Ortynski: A TUNA CHRISTMAS, City Theatre at Trinity Street Playhouse, December 20 - January 5, 2019
Created on Jan. 2 at 2:16p.m.

(photos by Aleks Ortynski)


Everything's bigger in Texas ...
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Performance Photos by Siggi Ragnar: MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY, Classic Theatre, San Antonio, to December 30, 2018
Created on Dec. 28 at 4:57p.m.

[Photos of cast and performance by Siggi Ragnar]


Taking ...

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Production Photos by Steve Rogers: PIPPI LONGSTOCKING'S AFTER-CHRISTMAS PARTY, Scottish Rite Theatre, December 1 - 15, 2018
Created on Dec. 7 at 10:05a.m.

(Production photos by Steve Rogers)


You’re invited! It’s Pippi’s ...

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Performance Photos by Steve Rogers: GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Dickens, adapted by Barbara Fields, Different Stages at the Vortex, Nov 16 - Dec 8, 2018
Created on Dec. 3 at 4:58p.m.

(performance photos by Steve Rogers Photography)


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Performance Photos by Matthew Gattozzi & Bret Brookshire: CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF by Tennessee Williams, Austin Shakespeare, Nov. 15 - Dec. 2, 2018
Created on Nov. 23 at 5:44p.m.





Noted for its Southern sexy verve ...

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Cast Photos by Jeremy Rashad Brown: WHITE by James Ijames, Mastrogeorge Theatre, December 6 - 22, 2018
Created on Nov. 22 at 1:00p.m.

(cast photos from Jeremy Rashad Brown)


White is a ...

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Performance Photos by Christopher Loveless: THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, Austin Playhouse, November 23 - December 15, 2018
Created on Nov. 20 at 7:56p.m.

(Performance photos by Christopher Loveless)


Austin Playhouse is thrilled ...

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Performance Photos by Andy Sharp: WHITE CHRISTMAS, Georgetown Palace Theatre, November 16 - December 30, 2018
Created on Nov. 19 at 10:48a.m.

(performance photos by Andy Sharp)


Georgetown’s Historic Palace Theatre ...

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Performance Photos by Laura Jurgemeyer: CABARET by Kander and Ebb, Texas State University, November 13 - 18, 2018
Created on Nov. 11 at 6:55p.m.

(performance photos by Laura Jurgemeyer)


Welcome to the Cabaret ...

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Performance photos by Siggi Ragnar: LADY MACBETH, A TRAGIC COMEDY, Trinity University Theatre, November 9 - 17, 2018
Created on Nov. 10 at 9:10a.m.

(performance photos by Siggi Ragnar)

Inspired by Macbeth by ...

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Performance photos by Errich Petersen: MACBETH by Something for Nothing Theatre at Ramsey Park, October 25 - November 3, 2018
Created on Nov. 1 at 5:05p.m.

(performance photos from opening night, Something for Nothing Theatre)

Sorcery ...

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Performance Photos by Perry Crafton: THIS DAY FORWARD by Nicky Silver, Austin Community College, October 25 - November 4, 2018
Created on Oct. 24 at 11:06a.m.

(Performance photos by Perry Crafton)


Martin thinks he has ...

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Performance photos: ALMOST, MAINE by John Ciardi, Gaslight Baker Theatre, Lockhart, October 12 - 27, 2018
Created on Oct. 19 at 1:41p.m.

(photos via Gaslight Baker Theatre)


On a cold, clear ...

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Performance Photos by Siggi Ragnar: FUN HOME by Alison Bechdel, Public Theatre, San Antonio, October 19 - November 18, 2018
Created on Oct. 17 at 4:16p.m.

(performance photos by Siggi Ragnar)



When her father ...

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Performance Photos by Andy Sharp: THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL, Georgetown Palace Theatre, October 12 - November 4, 2018
Created on Oct. 15 at 7:53p.m.

(performance photos by Andy Sharp)


THE ADDAMS FAMILY features ...

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Performance Photos: Opening Night of ANYTHING GOES by The Theatre Company, Bryan, Playing October 5 - 14, 2018
Created on Oct. 12 at 11:12a.m.

(photos via LIVE BCS)



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Performance Photos: HENRY IV, Part 1 by William Shakespeare, The Baron's Men at the Curtain Theatre, October 5 - 20, 2018
Created on Oct. 6 at 6:23p.m.

(photos via director Katy Thompson)


Come one, come all ...
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Performance Photos by McCallum Journalism: STARMITES, September 20 - 30, 2018
Created on Oct. 1 at 7:53a.m.

(photos by McCallum Journalism)


MacTheatre presents Starmites, a joyous ...
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Performance Photos by Kirk R. Tuck: ONCE, Zach Theatre, September 19 - October 28, 2019
Created on Sep. 25 at 1:38p.m.

(Performance photos by Kirk R. Tuck)

Speaking to Austin's ...

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Performance Photos by Kirk Tuck: TORTOISE AND HARE at Zach Theatre, September 14, 2018 - January 27, 2019
Created on Sep. 21 at 1:20a.m.

(photos by Kirk R. Tuck)



Ancient versus modern ...

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Performance Photos by Aleks Ortynski: THE WHO'S TOMMY, City Theatre, September 7 - 30, 2018
Created on Sep. 14 at 3:12p.m.

(performance photos by Aleks Ortynski)

A boy's journey from ...

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