Past Auditions with Shrewd Productions

Auditions for Small Steps, by Shrewd Productions
Jun. 12 - Jun. 13

  When Skip Powers realizes that no one will ever love him, he volunteers to …

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Auditions for The Madres, by Shrewd Productions
Feb. 17 (2018)

It's 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where people are disappearing right off the street but …

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Auditions for The Afterparty, by Shrewd Productions
Feb. 12 (2018)

There's an Afterparty at the end of the universe. And all you need to get …

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Shrewd Productions Seeks Non-White Actors for AS YOU LIKE IT, Auditions December 30, 2016
Dec. 30 (2015)

Shrewd Productions presents As You Like It,part of our new series, Shakespeare: REPRESENT Shrewd Productions is holding …

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Auditions for As You Like It, by Shrewd Productions
Dec. 19 - Dec. 20 (2015)

Shrewd's doing Shakespeare? Why Now?You may not know it, but Shrewd's very name is a …

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