Inversion proudly presents selections from “I, Too, Sing America,” with works by Carlos Cordero, Robbie LaBanca, Adrienne Inglis, and Stephanie K. Andrews.
Friday, October 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm
A note from Artistic Director, Trevor Shaw: The musical selections contained within this video were originally presented live as part of Inversion’s “I, Too, Sing America” concert program in the Fall of 2018. That program painted an American portrait, one which acknowledged a complicated history - triumph and pain, pride and sorrow. But just as in 2018, when our live program included opportunities for in-person voter registration, we now offer these excerpted pieces as a call to action. As you hear this beautiful, thoughtfully composed music, please consider the profound power you possess to make a positive difference in the society which surrounds you. Your vote remains among the simplest and most effective tools to affect change you can put to use. Don’t waste it.

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