Druid & Bard

Druid & Bard is the culmination of years of theatrical experimentation, learning, and collaboration with our closest friends. It is as much a story about the people within the company as it is for those whom we hope to entertain. 


Druid & Bard is a theatrical productions company located in Georgetown, Texas. We pride ourselves on promoting artistic literacy and diversity while remaining inexpensive and inclusive. All events are conducted with the safe practices detailed in the Chicago Theatre Standards, (CTS). 

Our Story

Brandon and Andi Lindsey met through the theatre program at Texas State University. It wouldn't be until a few years later that they would grow to become best friends via a regular game of Dungeons and Dragons. Through long-distance friendships and a constant exchange of ideas they began to develop the groundwork for what would eventually become Druid & Bard. Taking inspiration from their own characters, the very name of the company reflected their hopes of inspiring wonder, fantasy, and a sense of play within each production.

Meet the Team

(via Druid & Bard)

(via Druid & Bard)

Previously presenting as Cardboard Cinema (2021)


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Contact Information

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