J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Being a Record of the Terrible Adventures of the Darling Children . . . .
by Druid & Bard

Apr. 20 - Apr. 21

Druid & Bard, in partnership with Lark & Owl Booksellers, is proud to announce auditions for our second show of our 2024 Season, J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Being a Record of the Terrible Adventures of the Darling Children set forth by the Last Lost Boy, adapted by Brandon Lindsey. This new take on an old classic marries the whimsy and fantasy of the original stageplay performed in 1904 with modern sensibilities and irreverent charm. Return to Neverland with the Darling children as they follow Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up despite the responsibilities and challenges pressed upon him by the Lost Boys, the Neverlanders, and his greatest foe, Captain Hook. This is a family-friendly adaptation with plenty of humor for adults and children alike. 


Performances will be outdoors at Lark & Owl Booksellers. Seating begins at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 6:30 pm.

Auditions will be held April 20th and 21st, 2024 at Classroom 211 of the Georgetown Public Library. Actors must be 18 or older. Callbacks will be held on April 22nd by invitation only. 

Performances will 2024  run from June 6th through June 29th, Thursdays through Saturday evenings.  Rehearsals begin April 29th and typically run Monday-Thursday from 6:00pm - 8:30pm. For more details visit our TheaterForms listing [click HERE] or email thestage@druidandbard.com

There is a $150 actor stipend paid after the final performance, along with patron tips. 

For any questions, please email thestage@druidandbard.com


Audition preparation: 

  • Prepare 1 comedic and 1 dramatic monologue, each being no longer than 1 minute. These monologues can be from any show. We are looking for a broad range with dynamic physicality. Some of these characters are children and some are adults. Be prepared to perform your monologues at least twice with the director's feedback. We are looking for the ability to take direction and collaborate. 
  • Dress however you feel most comfortable. We are looking for how you move, so plan accordingly. 
  • Callbacks are on Monday the 22nd from 5:30pm-8:30pm, including a fight routine with swords. Please do let us know what familiarity you have with stage combat or practical martial arts. If you are not able to make callbacks, we kindly ask that you let us know before your audition. We may ask you to schedule a separate callback time.


Director: Brandon Lindsey

Stage Manager: Kevin Casey



Some characters may be cast with non-traditional gender roles. Roles with an (*) next to them denote particular roles that are being considered for gender non-conforming casting. All age ranges will be considered for all roles provided you are at least 18 years of age. 


Peter Pan - 11-years old. Male-presenting. The infamous boy who never grew up and leader of countless Lost Boys. Peter is as reckless as he is earnest, as fearless as he is prideful, and dangerous as he is delightful. Charismatic to a fault and utterly whimsical, often to the detriment of others.  


Wendy - 11-years old. Female-presenting. A young girl who struggles to balance the practical natures of her father with the fanciful indulgence her mother displays. She desires more than anything to have a life that honors both sides of her personality and strives to grow up on her terms. 


Narrator (Smee/Slightly/Nana/Tinker Bell) - Somewhere ambiguously in their seasoned adulthood. Male-presenting. Seemingly a professor of some sort, the Narrator bookends and guides the story with the hope that someone somewhere thinks better of themselves having seen it. They portray the affable Smee, the right-hand of Peter, Slightly, as well as the Newfoundland nurse Nana and the fairy Tinker Bell. All of these additional characters are recognized by the Narrator as a means to further engage with the story. 


Hook/Mr Darling - 30s-40s. Male-presenting. A most dastardly villain if ever there were one. James Hook is well-read, courteous when it suits him, despicable in an instant, and wholly believes himself to be the most evil and grand pirate of all time. Mr Darling on the other hand is a practical, no-nonsense father who cares a great deal about how the world perceives him and his family. 


Tiger Lily/Mrs Darling - *This role is reserved for a POC actress.* Early-teens. Female-presenting. Tiger Lily is Peter's oldest friend and boon companion. Tiger Lily represents the Neverlanders, the inhabitants of Neverland who arrived after the loss of their own land. She is diplomatic, shrewd, and perhaps a little bit prideful like Peter. She desires for her people to have peace, even if that means betrothal to unify Neverland.  Mrs Darling is eager for her children to simply stay unburdened by the weariness of life. She is the epitome of nurturing and caring. 


John/Jukes - 10-years old. Male-presenting. Wendy's younger brother by just a year, John is quite studious and believes in fair play. His curiosity often gets the better of him, leading him to either put his foot in his mouth or wander into danger. Jukes is the galley mate aboard the Jolley Roger and is ever the yes-man to Captain Hook. 


Michael/Cecco - 8-years old. Male-presenting. The youngest of the Darlings and the most chaotic child in Bloomsbury. Michael follows the coattails of his older siblings religiously and is eager to voice his full-throated support for any idea they deem fine. Cecco, (pronounced Checko), is an Italian swashbuckler who is the hunting dog of Hook's pirate crew. 


Tootles/Skylights - 8-years old (but more months than Michael). Male-presenting. The youngest of the Lost Boys and least experienced of the troop. He is perhaps the unluckiest of the Boys, unable to be present for any trick, joke, or adventure. He is quite aware of this, and revels in his melancholy. Skylights is the lookout aboard the Jolley Roger, and is eager to be the one to find Peter Pan, though his eyes don't work so well in his older age.  


Nibs/The Croc's Head - 12-years old. Male or female-presenting. Being all of one year older than Peter, Nibs has taken it upon himself to appear the most "grown-up" among the group. Nibs is well-dressed and would love nothing more than to be called a Lord. They are often the foil to Peter's plans, albeit in the hopes that Peter's plans always come true. The Croc's Head is perhaps the most expressive of the Crocodile's features, snapping and glaring menacingly. 


The Twins/The Croc's Body- 10-years old. Male or female-presenting. The Twins are one boy or girl who was told once by Peter that their right hand was actually their twin and promptly placed an old sock upon it. From then on, the sock was a Twin in its own right, with a voice all its own as well. The Twins are very disagreeable with themselves, but very agreeable with Peter. The Croc's Body is also perhaps the most expressive, though more inwardly so. Full of heart and breath.


Curly/The Croc's Tail - 10-years old. Male or female-presenting. That one child that simply takes it too far. Curly is the first to agree with anything Peter says but does so almost always with a caveat creating a more destructive or rambunctious alternative. He is also almost always responsible for some misfortune or broken thing, The Croc's Tail is definitely the most expressive, wagging and swaggering and with all the pomp and circumstance a Crocodile should have. 


Starkey/Great Big Little Panther - *This role is reserved for a POC actor.* 20s-40s. Male-presenting. Starkey is the unfortunate scapegoat aboard the Jolley Roger. Not quite as lovable as Smee, Starkey is earnest in his piracy, but ultimately an illustration of the fates of all pirates in Neverland. Great Big Little Panther is Tiger Lily's father and the last of the Great Leaders of Neverland. He desires greatly for his daughter to marry and take over the duties of leadership, and hopes Peter could be that man.