The Spectacle Project
by University of Texas Theatre & Dance

Dec. 05, 2016

* The final presentation of the course "Acting for Directors" and "Advanced Directing", instructed by KJ Sanchez in 2016

8 Directors are teaming up with 4 Integrated Media Designers and 25 Undergraduate Actors to create 7 spectacular pieces of theatre. After months of investigating the true meaning of "Spectacle," these artists are joining forces to transport the audience into several different worlds over the course of two hours. The dictionary definition of Spectacle is "a visually striking performance or display" and these artists plan to deliver so much more!

***Come and Join us! 

Instructors: KJ Sanchez, Sven Ortel
Producers: Conner Palmore, I-Chia Chiu, Kevin Poole
Directors: Adam Sussman, Cara Phipps, Graham Schmidt, Hannah Wolf, Joseph Cornelison, KT Shorb, Margaret Jumonville, Sam Provenzano
IM Designers: Jon Haas, Kate Ducey, Lacey Erb, Robert Mallin
Actors: Abigail Vela, Adrian Collins, Alex Sanchez, Annie Harris, Anna Lehnhoff, Ashton Murphy, Baylie Figueroa, Bonnie McEnnis, Chance Steward, Claire Hardwick, Conner Palmore, Cymone Love, David Estes, Eli Weinberg, George Villegas, Isaac Iskra, Jake Brinks, JJ Cortez, Justin Ahamed, Kat Lozano, Kevin Poole, Laura Gonzalez, Max Torrez, Sam Pavich, Shane Colwell, Susannah Crowell, Tiffany Watson

The Spectacle Project
by various
University of Texas Theatre & Dance

December 05, 2016
Lab Theatre
Between Jackson Geological Sciences Bldg (JGB) and the Winship Drama Bldg (WIN), near 24th and San Jacinto
University of Texas
Austin, TX, 78712

【Time and Space】
Monday, December 5th
Laboratory Theatre, UT Austin, 300 E 23rd St, Austin, TX 78712
(right next to Winship Building)

(1) First Performance
Doors open at 10:50 am

11:00-11:15 KT and Margaret's Group
11:15-11:30 Graham's Group
11:30-11:45 Sam's Group
11:45-12:00 Adam's Group
* Intermission (10 min)
12:10-12:25 Joe's Group
12:25-12:40 Cara's Group
12:40-12:55 Hannah's Group


(2) Second Performance 
Doors open at 6:50pm 

7pm-7:15 pm Cara's group
7:15pm-7:30 pm Graham's group
7:30pm-7:45 pm Adam's group
7:45pm-8:00 pm Joe's group
* Intermission (10 min)
8:10pm-8:25 pm KT and Margaret's group
8:25pm-8:40 pm Sam's group
8:40pm-8:55 pm Hannah's group