The Drowning Girls
by Playhouse San Antonio

Mar. 20, 2016

Bessie, Alice and Margaret have two things in common: they are married to George Joseph Smith, and they are dead. Surfacing from the bathtubs they were drowned in, the three breathless brides gather evidence against their womanizing, murderous husband by reliving the shocking events leading up to their deaths. Reflecting on the misconceptions of love, married life, and the not-so-happily ever after, The Drowning Girls is both a breathtaking fantasia and a social critique, full of rich images, a myriad of characters, and lyrical language. 


Playhouse Potentials at The Playhouse organizes a monthly staged reading of a script in The Cellar Theatre.

Playhouse Potentials is meant to engage and broaden our San Antonio community of theatre artists (actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and patrons) by introducing newer and lesser known scripts for a one-night only reading. Each month, scripts will be selected from open community submissions, cast with local actors, and read in front of a live audience. A post-reading discussion will follow, where each show will be assessed on it thematic merits, production opportunities and challenges, and timeliness. 

The Playhouse will look to select future season productions from Playhouse Potentials readings.

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[image from Thousand Islands Playhouse, 2011]

The Drowning Girls
by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson, and Daniela Vlaskalic
Playhouse San Antonio

March 20, 2016
Cellar Theatre, The Public Theater, San Antonio
San Pedro Park
800 W Ashby Place
San Antonio, TX, 78212

Our next installment of #PlayhousePotentials will be will held on Sunday, March 20th at 6 PM in the Cellar Theater! This table reading will feature The Drowning Girls by Beth Graham. There will be lights snacks, and our bar will be also open. Join us!