The AIDS Lady

Dec. 05, 2014

Through her theatrical performance, De Luna brings awareness of HIV to the east side. Free, fast, and confidential HIV screenings will be available throughout the event.

Anna De Luna talks about her work: "I created The AIDS Lady to reach out to teens and young adults - to let them know it's ok to openly talk about sex and remove some of the stigma/misconceptions they may have. I also wanted to confidentially share some of very human stories of the HIV positive colleagues I served as an educator/tester in the past 8 years- to put a face on the virus and remove judgement of those infected. I wanted to think outside the box and figure out a way I could remove fear and encourage HIV testing through the use of theater."

Sponsored by ProjectHOPE and StART Place with support from the San Antonio Latino/a Theatre Alliance.

stART Place San Antonio’s urban neighborhoods benefit from the arts by shaping the lives of residents and their urban experience. The stART Place program is designed to further stimulate neighborhood vitality by supporting creative projects that provide meaningful community enrichment and transformation. stART PLACE will encourage the presentation of new arts and cultural activity in non-conventional spaces.

Project HOPE (Healthy Outcomes for Prevention and Education) The purpose of Project HOPE is to reduce substance abuse and HIV risk behaviors among 18-24 year old's by offering more access to HIV testing and providing information on how drug and alcohol abuse can lead to HIV/AIDS infection.

The AIDS Lady
by Anna De Luna

December 05, 2014
Second Baptist Community Center
3310 E Commerce St
San Antonio, TX, 78220

"The AIDS Lady" begins at 6:30 p.m., so get here early!

The area transforms into a roller skating rink and bowling alley after the performance with music by DJ Donnie Dee. 

"The AIDS Lady" - World AIDS Day Event is free and open to the public. Teens/adults are eligible to receive a free HIV test if they desire one. 

Please note: "The AIDS Lady" contains adult language and content; the performance may not be suitable for children 12 and under.