by The Vortex

Dec. 13, 2015

For a decade now, Mick D'arcy has been working on his script of a musical retelling of the Persephone myth, and it's finally nearing completion! 

Mick has teamed up with Tyler Mabry who has written the songs, and wonderful things are happening! The show is cast, and is scheduled being produced at The VORTEX in Spring 2016.

This is our second reading of it, and an audience there to listen and provide feedback afterwards is fantastic!

After the post show discussion in the theater, we will meet in The Butterfly Bar for more informal talk and (additional) libations.

by Mick D'Arcy, Tyler Mabry
The Vortex

December 13, 2015
The Vortex
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

2 p.m., Sunday, December 13, 2015 at the Vortes.

Tickets and information available at   (October 30, 2015)