Pan Dulce for Breakfast

May. 27, 2014

Energized by the success of San Antonio’s first ever World Theatre Day Festival, the San Antonio Latino/a Theatre Alliance (SALTA) looks to continue its support and advocacy of San Antonio’s burgeoning theatre community and the region’s Latino culture through its monthly series of teatro gatherings taking place at a variety of arts and cultural centers within the city. SALTA will host monthly events in support of its mission featuring distinguished speakers, workshops, professional development opportunities, performances, and staged readings. 

Audiences and artists alike will enjoy May’s offering, a staged reading of excerpts from the new full length play, “Pan Dulce for Breakfast,” written by local writer John Watts Nieto. “Pan Dulce took seven years to write and is loosely based upon my family history,” says Nieto. “As children, my sister and I had a language barrier present with our grandmother who was born and reared in Chihuahua, Mexico. My father did not permit us to learn or speak Spanish because he did not want us to experience discrimination for speaking it in public, as he did. It illustrates one family’s immigration story and how our roots tie us to our ancestors. The play celebrates family unity, pride of our culture and the embracing of family traditions through food: pan dulce (sweet bread).”

“Pan Dulce for Breakfast” is a situation comedy, written in English with some Spanish, centering on the lives of a working class Hispanic family living in San Antonio living in a diverse neighborhood close to an Air Force base. The matriarch of the family, Lupita, is a hard working single mother with no formal education. She continues the family tradition of consuming pan dulce for breakfast with her daughters, Dorita and Leecha, and her grandchildren. Together, the family grapples with life’s challenges. No matter how difficult things become, they never lose faith and never forgo an opportunity to indulge on a serving (or two) of pan dulce!

Pan Dulce for Breakfast
by John Watts Nieto

May 27, 2014
Say Sí
1518 S. Alamo St.
San Antonio, TX, 78204