Memoirdia dell'Arte
by Cohen New Works Festival, University of Texas

Apr. 13 - Apr. 17, 2015
Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday

Beatrice’s father, Truffaldino, has just passed away. Now, it’s her responsibility to lay him to rest. The play puts the audience in the place of funeral-goers coming to pay their respects to this great man that did so much in his time on earth, the nature of which is relayed throughout the play. As Beatrice tries to physically put Truffaldino to rest, she struggles with the memory of him that won’t die. Funeral-goers experience Truffaldino’s fight to stay alive as he springs from his casket over and over again, revealing to Beatrice just how hard it is to let go. The play’s uniqueness comes in the acting form it must take. Shifting between Beatrice’s memories to the present, the actors shift from commedia dell’Arte to contemporary acting, respectively. The jumps from now to then are marked by the physical change in the characters on stage. Where the memory and the present collide and crash and burn, the form becomes skewed, and Beatrice must confront how to move on with her life.


p>Project Leads: Kenny Chilton, Rebecca Walach

Memoirdia dell'Arte
by Kenny Chilton
Cohen New Works Festival, University of Texas

Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday,
April 13 - April 17, 2015
Anna Hiss Gymnasium, University of Texas
south of Wichita and Dean Keeton
100-seat performance room 134
Austin, TX, 78712

April 13 at 2:30 p.m.

April 14 at 8 p.m.

no performance April 15

April 16 at noon

April 17 at 2 p.m.

NOTE: no more than 100 seats in the performance space at the Hiss Gymnasium