by Shakespeare at Winedale

Apr. 22 - Apr. 26, 2014

This April, the Shakespeare at Winedale Spring Class will perform one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, Macbeth, as the culmination of a semester of work on Shakespeare’s dramatic language.

Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy leads audiences at breakneck pace through Macbeth’s bloody battle to win the throne of Scotland. The ultimate power couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, struggle with the consequences of their violent ways. Filled with supernatural forces and brutal events, this play examines the darkest side of humanity. 

“Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's most riveting plays, a relentless rush of witchcraft, murder, guilt and madness,” said James Loehlin, Shakespeare at Winedale Director and Regents Professor of English. “It is also one of his highest poetic achievements, and so it makes a perfect capstone for our course on the evolution of Shakespeare's dramatic verse.  We are extremely excited to be presenting this play as a part of the coursework of E321P, Shakespeare Through Performance.”

This production of Macbeth will also feature an interesting twist: the roles of Macbeth and the Lady will be triple cast. Loehlin says, “I distributed the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth among three students apiece in part for practical and educational reasons--to share the line burden more equitably, and to give more students an opportunity to explore those roles.  But I think it also will allow us to look in a different way at the particular journeys of each of those characters, and the stages they go through in their ambitious rise to power, their savage struggle to retain it, and their final, anguished descent.”

by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare at Winedale

April 22 - April 26, 2014
Winedale Barn
3738 Farm to Market Road 2714
Round Top, TX, 78954

Tuesday, April 22nd, the Spring Class will be performing a preview performance at the Texas Union Theater at 7 pm. Hope you can join us for the exciting sneak peek.

After the preview, the Spring Class moves out to Winedale for two performances at the Winedale Theatre Barn on Friday, April 25th, and Saturday, 26th, at 7:00. 

Preview tickets are $5.

Tickets for the Winedale performances are $10 and $5 for UT ID-holders and students.
Tickets for the Winedale performance are available through the Shakespeare at Winedale website or by calling (512) 471-4726