Krakatoa - a devised theatre piece
by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Aug. 19 - Aug. 20, 2016

Creating Meaning: Devised Theatre Summer Intensive

Finish off your summer with this exciting 3 week summer intensive introducing young actors to "Devised Theatre." Devised theatre (also called collaborative creation) is a form of theatre where the script originates not from a writer or writers, but from collaborative, usually improvisatory, work by a group of people (usually the performers). Devised theatre creates brand new theatrical art pieces wherein the performers explore issues that they deal with in everyday life through the art of theatre, bringing a sense of true ownership to the piece that is created. Devising theatre creates a shift in understanding about the world around us and helps students to realize that they are not unique in the problems and issues that they face.

For our workshop and show, all forms of performance including acting, singing, and dancing will be included. In addition to writing their own script, students will choose various well know pop or musical theatre songs that connect to their theme. They will learn the vocals and perform choreography that they will create alongside a professional dance instructor. 

All of this will create a once in a lifetime performance as the Palace teens bring us into their world and tell us what they are thinking and how they are feeling!

A few thoughts from students who worked with Devised Theatre this summer:

“Devised theatre really helped me connect with my peers, and made me think more about the world around me.” – Gabriel, 14

“This was different from anything I’ve ever done before. You can really put your thoughts out there.” – Erin, 14

Krakatoa - a devised theatre piece
by Georgetown Palace teenage ensemble
Georgetown Palace Theatre

August 19 - August 20, 2016
Georgetown Palace Theatre
810 South Austin Avenue
Georgetown, TX, 78626

7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at the Georgetown Palace.