by Southwest Association of Literary and Dramatic Artists

Jun. 13 - Jun. 22, 2014

An upstairs/downstairs love affair.  A desire for debasement and advancement.  Bullying, brutal, tender, wistful.  All of these have been used to describe productions of August Strindberg's Miss Julie.  Ours is a new version, exploring these same emotions and conflicts in a contemporary, local setting.  The mad tryst between Julie, a rich kid bored with her privileged life and tragically abandoned by mother, father, and fiancé, and John, a Valley exile striving to attain his own small American dream, is fueled by those very desires for debasement and advancement, but also by Julie's fragile need to have a real moment of connection.  John's lover and Julie's friend Christine is sacrificed on the fire of John and Julie's sexual collision, until she, too, sees an opportunity to achieve her own ends.  In their desperate attempts to grasp a little of their own, the three are ultimately willing to destroy each other, even themselves, for a moment of true freedom. 

Cast:   Julie:  Sarah Nixon;  John:  Miguel Di Costanzo; Christine:  Emily Lyssy

by William Razavi
Southwest Association of Literary and Dramatic Artists

June 13 - June 22, 2014
Performing Arts San Antonio (PASA)
15705 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX, 78232

June 13-15, 19-21, 26-28 at 8pm; June 22 at 2pm

Tickets: $15.00 General Admission, $5.00 discount to students and SATCO members