Iphigenia, a Musical

Jul. 05, 2014

Director - Freddy Carnes
Assistant Director and Stage Manager - Olga Kasma-Carnes
Choreographer - Melody Devereaux
Masks and Props - Star Zarrien
Costumes and Set donated by Pam Friday and Hill Country Middle School

Evan J. Kelley as Agamemnon
Andrea Miriam as Clytemnestra
Angela Littlefield as Iphigenia
Matthew Charles Burnett as Achilles and Orestes
Freddy Carnes as Menelaus and Pylades
Melody Devereaux as Artemis
Mysti Jace Pride as Athena and Messenger
Olga Kasma-Carnes as The Nurse

Iphigenia, a Musical
by Freddy Carnes

July 05, 2014
Dougherty Arts Center
1110 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX, 78704

July 5, 2014 7:30 p.m.

For two free tickets email freddycarnes@yahoo.com